Thursday, August 31, 2017

4GMs in a Malaysian Rapid tourney

Posted by GilaChess

One or at most 2GMs, but 4 GMs in a one day rapid tournament in Malaysia?

Yes the Merdeka Day - Individual Open Chess Championship, held on the rest day of the Malaysian Chess Festival attracted 4 GMs to participate. This is unexpected as these GMs are playing in long time control games (5 Rounds) so far in the Open and Seniors section so usually these serious players would prefer to take the needed break not play on the rest day.

Anyway the 4GMs taking part are:

GM 'Joey' Antonio Rogelio

GM Gerhard Schleber

GM Laxman RR

and GM Alexei Barsov.

IM Oliver Dimakiling is playing too!

IM Abdusattarov Nordibek.

Sivaprakash Maahendra