Sunday, November 20, 2016

Masrin Erowan wins 2016 USIM (Open)

Posted by GilaChess

Masrin Erowan won the 2016 USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia) End Of Year Open today. He took the title Champion with a perfect 7/7 score in a field of 88 players and one point ahead of his nearest rivals.
From 2nd to 4th place respectively with 6 points are:
Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar, Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah and Kamaluddin Yusof.

Chessresults link here

Cross referece table (Interactive):

Photos courtesy of "Shin Norazwan" of the AI Chess app

Notable is the broadcast of 4 DGT boards live for just a local weekend event !