Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Malaysian Interstates Team Chess Championship 2016

Posted by GilaChess
I guess I need not announce it as most who are involved are already comitted and gettng ready to take part in just 3 days time. Here's the schedule. Since I am Mr forgetful I have saved this as my phone's wall paper for convenience.

Team events like these is inevitable as the Merdeka Team held during the Malaysian Chess Festival anually is not enough to quell the appetites of chess enthusiast for more team participation. I have not looked at the team list yet but I have a strong feeling that this event will be as big as the Merdeka if not bigger.

I know you guys are busy preparing (or not!). My preparation as usual will be to open ip channels to share info about the event via MITCC blog, FB page and twitter. Of course AI Chess will be there to for full live broadcast of the event.

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See you there !!!