Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pekan Open Live (Round 4)

Posted by GilaChess
Please visit for the live games. (Shortcut keys: press the d1, e1 square to move forward and backwards a move. This game is no longer live but all the moves are already recorded and can still be replayed)

Board 1. Another tough battle for the Mok.
IM Mas vs Steward Manaog on board 2
AGM Nik vs Udani


Unknown said...

Recorded Game of Pekan Open 2015
On 2015.10.24 Round 4 Board 3
Nik Ahmad Farouqi vs Ian Udani 0-1

GilaChess said...

THank you so much Main Simul from completing the game. I don't know why we can't see it as a link. Anyway I repost your link as a real link again :-

Also have completed the repolayer with the missing moves. All 3 games here are now complete.