Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Indian Borage defence

Posted by GilaChess
Nothing to do with chess. Just wanted to share this because I know of several chess people suffering from flu/cough symptoms after the chess festival. I was feeling a little proud that my immune system was strong but I did get it bad after coming back from Cititel. It's contagious!!

Was coughing and having severe sore throat for almost a week. Did not take any medication, cough syrups or anything. So I suffered for the week until I remembered some advice from a Facebook gardening group about one plant I had in my balcony.

No it's not the "air filter" plants I took to Cititel.

This is the "Indian Borage" plant ~ a type of mint. I have it growing in a small pot because they say it's a very hard plant to kill. According to the Facebook group, this plant is good in remedying coughs.

With nothing to lose I have been taking this the past few days and my flu/cough is now almost gone which is a big relief seeing how often I woke up in the middle of the night coughing or just had too much phlegm I had to spit out.

I just plucked one Indian Borage leaf and several mint leaves and threw it in my Boh tea. Added some honey and drank.

It may be a coincidence that the cough was already going away but I believe the leaves helped.

I don't like the medicinal-like taste of the borage but I prefer the tea rather than swallowing a handful of antibiotics.

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