Friday, August 26, 2005

Wang Hao Champion of Malaysian Open 2005

Posted by GilaChess
GilaChess and Wang Hao A picture of me with the Champ. Wang Hao is champ!! Well that comes to no surprise to everybody who has seen his results throughout. He trashed 5 GMs with ease and didn't even slow down in the final round beating GM Ian Rogers. Here's mate in five. Can you see it? Black to move... I know you are tired of hearing it but his results is nothing but SENSATIONAL !! He won with 10 points out of 11!! Malaysia has never seen such strong chess performance from any individual. We are honored that he is here in Malaysia taking part in our tournament. Incidentally, he achieved his final GM norm here too. Not to be overshadowed by this Chinese genius, our local talents too had performed admirably well. FM Lim Yee Weng achieved his IM norm with 6 points. FM Nicholas Chan missed the norm even though he was the best Malaysian performer with 6.5 points. IM Mas Hafizulhelmi, the strongest rated Malaysian so far, did not take part this year. All in all it was a great tournament to be held at our soil. Will look forward to next year's edition of the Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Open. Meanwhile the excitement is only begun for most Malaysians. The Merdeka Team tournament is up next! As usual I will be there at the tournament hall.

Photo CD

I've also compiled the hundreds pictures I took everyday of the Malaysian Open tournament into a CD. Please get it from me at the arbiter's table if you want (cost: RM10).