Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Broken records and Return of the King

Posted by GilaChess

Chess is back in Perak!!

Being born in Perak I am very happy to see two big tournaments held in Perak recently. I never had a chance to play chess in Perak except for the school district chess championship held once a year. The one in Taiping attracted a record 193 players!!! I think that is definitely a Malaysian record for a one day allegro held anywhere. Anybody can back me up on this? My only regret was having no transport to Taiping that weekend to witness this great event. Out of curiosity, I SMSed one of the organisers just to ask if it was still possible to register a few days before the tourney. (Ching Kim Lye already told me they reached 180+ a week before the event). I got a short two worded response: "Too late". I laughed when I got that reply. The event was won by Khor Shihong after defeating up to that point joint leader Kamaluddin Yusof. It must have been exciting as many saw it was the battle between chess kaki's from Klang valley and Penang. Overall Klang Valley dominated the event. (anybody want to dispute me on this ?? :) )

The Return of the King

After that, the UTP chess tourney in Ipoh broke the record yet again with 194 players!!! Again I missed this event. I would have loved to look at the surprised faces of players who saw NM/FM Nicholas Chan taking part. Absent from the chess scene for a relatively long time, Nicholas appearance would have been shocking for many prize winner wannabe. Strong chess kaki's never had a chance to win when The-King-of-Allegro-Nicholas took part. His sudden appearance must have been shocking. Anyway, Nicholas showed that studies has not slowed him down at all and duely took his rightful place as champion yet again.

Welcome back Nicholas!!

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