Sunday, August 28, 2005

GM Antonio Rogelio vs GM Dao

Posted by GilaChess
Here is the game between GM Anthonio and GM Dao. Click here. PS: Sorry as I have left the bulk of the other games of Wang Hao on the computer at the tournament hall. Will collect the games tomorrow and post it. Ok here are the some of the games from the team championship (1 hour + 30 secs time control). Round 1
  • Wang Hao - Ng Kian Yee

    Round 2
  • Johan Iskandar - Panopio Kodolfo Jr

    Round 2
  • Antonio Rogelio - Wang Hao

    Round 3
  • Wang Hao - Atanu Lahiri

    The Closet Grandmaster said...

    Hey Gila...what's this business about the games being put on sale? Aren't the organisers putting up the games on TWIC?

    GilaChess said...

    The arrangement is that the bulletin is keyed in and the final copy is compiled as hardcopy and sold to cover the cost of labour in keying in the games.

    The games will eventually find it's way to TWIC once the sale of the bulletin is exhausted.

    Please note I have nothing to do with the bulletin although last year I did take part in entering it.