Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pressure on young talents

Posted by GilaChess
Guardian Unlimited Sport | Special reports | Barden on chess: "Barden on chess Leonard Barden Saturday August 6, 2005 The Guardian The mystique around the best young talents can create unrealistically high expectations among the public. Teenage and student players typically experience many highs and lows - even Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov had to face setbacks. Luke McShane, 21, is the UK's best hope to join Michael Adams and Nigel Short as a serious contender in the top 30 elite. But McShane is also an Oxford undergraduate and, like John Nunn, Jon Mestel and Jon Speelman a generation earlier, has found that academic pressures and GM competitions are a bad mix. The stress of a long, hard tournament game is similar in intensity to sitting final exams.
Taken from : http://sport.guardian.co.uk/chess/story/0,15873,1543834,00.html