Sunday, May 08, 2005

Posted by GilaChess
Sorry for the late reporting. There is a surprising number of strong players taking part in the Selangor Closed currently underway in Sunway College. Among them are Anas (winner of the Selangor Open - as if you didn't know that already), Marcus Chan, Abdullah Che Hassan, Nik Farouqi, Masrin Erowan,Foo Chee Kin, Johan Iskandar Foudzi and many more my more names my brain can't recall at the momoent. Oh yeah, the person who beat me in the first round- Cheah Eu Gene. Now that's strong player!! My bet is that he will finish top 5. But it's not going to be easy... As for me, I've lost my first 2 games on time. Hard to readjust to the 25 minute time control after playing 90min + 30 secs (increment) in the Selangor Open ( excuses, excuses). Anyway, Lynette Wong saved me from getting all zeros by allowing me to sac Bishop (Greek gift) for an eventual mate. My target of 50% is still achievble .. I hope. Will report more details later. From where I sit Anas is still sitting on Board 1. Take a look at the pic (round 3)