Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ran out of juice

Posted by GilaChess
Apologies again. At round 6 my handphone battery ran out so I couldn't post the results here. Now it is 7:26pm and the final results are : Last round (that I can remember): Fariz vs Marcus (Marcus won!) Premnath vs Norazmi (Premnath won!) 4 players with 6 points: Fariz, Marcus, Premnath, Abdullah Che Hassan. Fariz was declared winner on tie-break. Selangor Open Champion Anas couldn't find his form. He finished at 10 placing. The surprising thing is most of the non-winners from Selangor Open ended up as winners at the Selangor Closed. The most likely reason is the 25 minute time control (no increment). As for me I played 5 girls in a row!! That is a record. Goes to show that female chess is also fast catching up. As an example, Alia - Anas's sister will be the youngest female rated in this country at age 13 (correct me if I'm wrong) !! My own result is an appalling 3 points out of 7. (no comments or excuse for this)