Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Selangot Closed: The Aftermath

Posted by GilaChess
Last Sunday was a big disappointment in addition to the humiliatiion of playing in the 'women section' of the Selangor Closed.On top of that the supplement's I took didn't seem to do anything for my chess. I only obtained 3 points from 7 rounds. But I guess it's unfair of me to think that popping a few supplement pills a day will add points to my tournament results. Silly me. GilaChess talking to Balendran - assistant arbiter for the event
However, there was a good side effect. I have been waking up pretty early in the morning. Usually I just hit the snooze button repeatedly when the alarm rings. The last few mornings,I've woke up BEFORE the alarm rang. I am notoriously late for work but lately I've consistently reached 30 minutes before everyone else! I guess I have to put in some "chess training" in addition to taking the supplements if I really want to see some improvements in my results.