Sunday, May 22, 2005

Mentally tiring

Posted by GilaChess
Picture above is in round 2 between veteran Woo Beng Keong and top seed Fairin Zakaria Have to apologise again as I couldn't blog live this time from my mobile phone because I couldn't get connected to the blog site. (I am posting this from a cyber cafe). I slept late at 4am because I promised to burn the GilaChess CD collection for some players. Prepared 10 CDs but only sold about 2 CDs. My fault for not preparing the CDs earlier. That also meant I couldn't have my favourite porridge in the morning. I started the first round by beating Norazman - top 4 player in the Selangor Closed!! It was a fluke as Norazman just blundered in a winning position. It's the best win I had over a strong player in years. I just couldn't believe how Norazman just willingly let me open up the position which ended in him losing his Queen even though he was in a totally winning position a few moments before. However, after that memorable game. I just lost all my games and only managed to salvage 2 points from the last 2 games. I thought I'll do better with the 10 seconds increment but I was 'spent' after the games. Finished 3 points out of 6 (50% score). Siti Zulaikha took time off her SPM studies to participate and win the event with 5.5 points out of 6. There has been different winners for different events this past few weeks. Anas was champion for Selangor Open (time control 90min + 30 sec). Fariz was the winner of the Selangor Closed (25min) and now Siti wins the CAS 2nd Quarter Allegro (25min + 10 sec). Goes to show that different players are stronger at different time control. Anyway you can find the full results at GilaChess website. Picture from first round.