Sunday, May 01, 2005

7th Round

Posted by GilaChess
After the loss to Fariz, I lost to Chan Tze Chen. Played a boring opening but obtained some amall advantage going into the middlegame. Going into the endgame I still kept my initiative. Offered a draw since my opponent had only one minute and I had 22 minutes!! He refused. I was so annoyed we played on till 70 + moves and even repeated a position for at least 4 times. Didn't know how to claim a draw as the arbiter said I have to be sure the position must be the same 3 times with the same person to move. Kicking myself for not insisting it was a 3-fold repetition. Lost the endgame when I tried to be flashy and sac my Bishop to try and promote one of my pawns. Of course it bombed and my opponent could stop both my passed pawn with both his King and Bishop. I understand Aaron Nimzowitch jumped up a table once scattering the chess pieces everywhere while shouting "Why must I lose to this idiot !! ". I really felt like doing that after the game. (Then I'll really live up to my nickname :) Felt destroyed for half an hour. Now I am ok. Perhaps I'll print out my opponents face and throw darts at it in my bedroom. He he just joking. Ok enough about me. 2.5 points after 7 rounds is just disgraceful. Tomorrow will be the last 8 and 9th round. Anas is having a fine run wint 7 wins (100%). It looks like nobody can touch him. Even one loss in the last 2 rounds will not stop him from winning tomorrow. The fight will be for the 2nd place onwards. As for me I'll try to get a total 4 points (additional 1.5 points). Wish me luck...