Thursday, May 05, 2005

No mood

Posted by GilaChess
Sorry for not posting anything after round 7 of the Selangor Open 2005. Why? Simple reason that I suffered 4 defeats in the tournament and just felt destroyed. But as most of you gilachess people already know (if not then you are not a chess fan), Anas emerged champ without much difficulty. ( for more info). My own score was disastrous at 3.5 points only (+2 =3 -4). But I only have myself to blame for not preparing and not getting a fresh supply of "Brain Supplements" (more on that in my later blogs). I had 3 winning positions and failed to convert them all. At least it highlighted areas in which I was weak in. Much work to do if I want to get a respectable result (more than 50%) in big tournaments like this. Anyway, looking back it was a good experience. I have fully recovered mentally and ego wise too. Will be preparing for the coming Selangor Closed this coming Sunday. This time, I will be stronger and will continue to report the result here ("live") no matter what my own result.