Sunday, October 09, 2016

A suggestion to chess organisers

Posted by GilaChess
One thing that frustrates me when trying to promote/publicise any local chess event is the current trend of over relying on "flyers".

Some organisers even depend solely on flyers as their main source of information for the public. No website or blog. No social media Facebook page. They just print the flyers and distribute.

There is nothing wrong with that but it is better if they took the time to include a little more to reach more people.

One good model to follow is ABChess and Stonemaster tourneys.

1. Webpage or Blog
Both ABChess and Stonemaster have a proper web page to go to (Stonemaster creates blogspot pages for each tourney).

2. Online Forms
Use Google Forms to get participants info and provide information on payment methods.

3. Use Text too
If organisers just flyers, they are in IMAGE format, meaning it's just pictures. Better would be to have the text of their flyers as an alternative too. The reason is because Google can better index the info in their search engine making things easier to be found. This helps in many aspect, one of which involves letting blind people access that same info thru reader software. Also it would allow the information to easily duplicated. Eg: ABChess event was easily included in my chess calendar because even though they used flyers they had the text version too. Because of this, rich information like a map to the venue as well as a link to their online registration forms can be included in the calendar.

Those organisers who just had flyers, I could only include the title of their event!
4. Social media
This one I put last because it's so easy that most organisers are already doing this. Just create your own page for the event and repost the information  on all local chess FB pages. The only thing I want to add is perhaps to PM or message chess bloggers too to promote their event. Facebook is not the only avenue for promotion.


kl-rat said...

I know there are certain chess groups around that perform trainings or meetup on certain days. Maybe they should promote the chess as there are ppl looking to join those groups to play chess. Maybe a centralise web.

GilaChess said...

Yes that's one way. Another is just to send it to chess personalities like Gilocatur, Hairulov, ABChess etc .. They can broadcast it thru their medium or channels. As for me I am playing around with tools that can multi blast out promos using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, whatsapp etc simultaneously.

GilaChess said...

.. that way I think the message can reach almost everyone