Sunday, January 15, 2006

State of Malaysian Chess Websites

Posted by GilaChess
Last month it was sad to see Malaysia being humbled by our Singaporean neighbours for the 5th time in a row (probably more than that but I can't get the results before year 2000). It's also sad to see our local chess websites not doing too well these days. I still maintain my 'hobbyist' Malaysian Chess Portal but lately have less time to update it. I used to steal some time from my lunch hour at the office to do the updates but my office has blocked access to certain websites. Sadly, was one of them. So nowadays I have to update the news after working hours at the cyber cafe. It's lucky that we still have Ching Kim Lye and Vickneswaran helping me we the chess postings. Anyway, the other major local website like run by Hafiz Shafruddin is down. It seems like his domain name and website has expired. Can't blame him because he is busy with studies and probably has less time to maintain his excellent Malaysian Chess website. Another major website down was CAS (Chess Association of Selangor) at It's been down for half a year now with a database error message. This leaves only 3 major local chess websites in Malaysia which are:
  • The Chess Network MCF official website
  • Penang Chess Association
  • GilaChess my website Another sad note is that the weekly column from The Malay Mail column on chess written by Eddie Chua has been discontinued. The only chess column left in Malaysia is from The Star by Quah Seng Sun which appears every Friday fornightly.