Friday, January 20, 2006

Local Chess as popular as ever

Posted by GilaChess
The local chess scene is very popular seeing now that parents are actually encouraging their children to participate in this mind sport. I remember a time when my dad just didn't approve of the time I spent on chess during my school days. Things are so different today. As an example, the CAS tournament pre-registration for this weekend allegro is full!! All 125 places are already taken as of today. Those who have not pre-registered may still have a chance by taking the place of those registered players who don't turn up on Sunday before 9.30am at The Chess Network (Wilayah Complex, 2nd Floor). RM5 late penalty will be charged. Category 1 Entry Fee: RM 15 (CAS Members) and RM 25 (Others); and Category 2 Entry Fee: RM 10 (CAS Members) and RM 20 (Others).