Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bad results at PCMM

Posted by GilaChess
Finished 26th position in the PCMM. Things just didn't go well for me this week. My PDA was on the blink. The screen just showed some rubbish characters. I don't know whether it can be fixed or not. So I didn't get any practice done on the PDA. That's no excuse though. I played some really horrible games and lost my first game getting back-rank mated and lost my last game blundering my Queen away. Anyway congratulations to the winner Anas and also 2nd place winner Hamdan. I spoke to Hamdan to congratulate him but he was modest saying all his wins were 'lucky'. Check out the full results at GilaChess.Com On a positive note, I got to try out posting blog entries direct from my handphone to this blog page without any problems. It seemed the posts appear almost instantly. Will be using this facility more often to do 'live' photo blogging. One disadvantage though is every post must be accompanied with one picture. Oh well, I can live with that. It costs around RM 0.40 to post one blog entry using my DiGi prepaid account.