Thursday, January 26, 2006

CAS Weekend Allegro - the aftermath

Posted by GilaChess
My preparation for the weekend tournament last Sunday was a mess. Slept late, arrived late, and suffered terribly from lousy time management. Surprisingly I didn't do worse than the last allegro held at the same place. I finished a lucky 13th place - up one position from my last allegro. There were 3 games where I paid the price for bad time management. - Round 2 vs Kamaluddin Yusof (I had a winning position but had to draw because there was only 1 minute plus left) - Round 4 vs Rabani (eventual champion - in a totally even position everything went downhill in the mutual 2minutes time scramble) - Round 5 vs Low Jun Jian (winning middlegame but just couldn't convert to a winning endgame because I was left with 2 minutes - agreed to a draw) The next day (Monday), I was really tired and just stayed at home and slept. Didn't even update with the allegro results as I usually do. Anyway I will post the results with full photos before this weekend. No Chess for 3 days but I'm back to my short 5-10 minute training with my coach - Mr IPaq the PDA.


Anonymous said...

Whr can i download the software that you're using? I'm using a HP IPAQ 6365.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I was looking for some tips on improving my chess and found this site:

It looks like a pretty good resource.

Do you think it will help me?

Has anyone read it?

If you don't think it's any good, please let me know why...and also let me know what features I should be looking for (that this book does not have).

Best Regards,

GilaChess said...

I was hesitant to post your comment as it looks like a free spam promo for that site. But I was curious as I rarely see chess spam marketing. So...

I visited that site for the benefit of my blog readers who don't or won't want to.

It is not free and I don't believe in it. It is definitely not worth the USD 22 that site is asking for "improving your chess". Anyway, that's only my superficial personal opinion.

I still prefer the "hard" work I put into chess exercises on my PDA. :)

GilaChess said...

Kelawar, the software can be bought at Convekta.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Influenced by you, I am now interested in purchasing a pocket pc just to install Pocket CT-ART. Is there perhaps a good Chess playing software for pocket PCs as well? Most importantly of all, I can use the stylus for all these programs right?


GilaChess said...

There are many strong chess playing programs on the Pocket PC. More than on the Palm OS.

Many of them are very strong notably Pocket Fritz 2. You can even get a freeware programs that can use Crafty and the Fruit engines. But I don't find them useful playing partners as getting thrashed every single time is no fun.