Friday, December 09, 2005

Susan Polgar Chess Blog: Judit Polgar's take on the cheating allegation

Posted by GilaChess
Judit Polgar opinion on Topalov alleged cheating at San Louis ... (SP = Susan Polgar, JP = Judit Polgar)
SP: Have you heard about the cheating accusation from one or two of the participants at the San Luis World Championship about Topalov using outside help to win the title? JP: Yes, I heard and I was shocked when I heard about it. It is unfortunate that such an accusation was brought up. I think that this event was a great joy for the public and it was very interesting. Looking at Topalov's games, I personally don't believe at all that he used any outside (or computer) help. However, I do believe that he fought extremely well and he was very well prepared mentally, psychically and in his chess preparation. Last but not least, he was ready to fight and of course for such a result, one needs luck too . He deserved to win at San Luis to become the new World Champion. SP: Once Topalov said in an interview that the presence of his coach / manager Silvio Danailov helps him calm down during games. Do you see anything suspicious about this comment? JP: Absolutely not! I remember as a teenage girl when my mother used to travel with me to tournaments. She always sat in the audience. While she is certainly not much more than a beginner chess player, her presence alone gave me support and strength. This is normal and there is nothing wrong with this


Ryan said...

oh yeah topalot did that shit you dont even know