Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Humble Winner

Posted by GilaChess
Left to right: Abdullah Che Hassan, Loeffler, Yusof Yasnain. This picture was taken during the Penang International Open when Abdullah Che Hassan, Norullah and Yusof Yasnain just finished their lunch. They spotted IM Loeffler walking alone. So they approached him. Noorullah asked: "Can we take pictures?" and IM replied: "What? Do you want me take a picture for you?" and the Malaysians laughed, "No. No. We want take picture WITH you?" to which Loeffler said: "But why ?" Noorullah answered: "Because you have beat two GMs!!" and the IM laughed saying : "I was lucky" Norullah immediately replied: "No you are not lucky. You are good" which solicited the smile from the IM while Norulla snapped the picture. The above took place before IM Loeffler became the champion of the Penang International Open held recently.