Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gift from Kosteniuk

Posted by GilaChess
I received an email from GM Alexandra Kosteniuk a few weeks ago asking for my mailing address. I was apprehensive at that time because I thought why would someone like that want to send me anything. Anyway I gave my address and this is what I received in my mail a few days ago. Opening the package I found... It was a souvenir gift packed with a teddy bear, fridge magnets, puzzle cards, stickers and a signed autograph from Kosteniuk herself. Thanks, Kosteniuk for the early Christmas gift !! For those who don't know, Kosteniuk website is here and she has just started her own Chess Is Cool podcast here


Anonymous said...

Hi GilaChess,

How's life in Malaysia?

Check out: for more info on Alexandra & Santa Claus!

GilaChess said...

Hello Jovan. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I already read your 'Santa' article. Cool.

Life in Malaysia is great particularly for chess. Though we may not be getting the success our neighbour Singapore is achieving in chess, chess activity in Malaysia is picking up pace.

GiLoCatur said...


I hope you are not making a blunder by showing your home address he he he ... Be careful, man! Maybe lots of girls are waiting for such thing .. LOL ... just kidding GC. Cool!