Monday, December 05, 2005

Meaning of GilaChess

Posted by GilaChess
I got some feedback recently from the CAS Allegro last Sunday on my domain name - It's reminds people too much of hell especially the burning logo and this point is not particularly attractive to chess parents. It's like saying "you play chess, you go to hell" Hmmm... any suggestions?? I know I can't afford to change the name now. Perhaps just the logo. Anyway, let me just justify the name. Gila Chess literally translates to "Crazy About Chess" in English. Thus, GilaChess is a portal for all chess enthusiasts. We strive to promote chess via local news updates and announcements on anything related to chess. The intent of the contributors to GilaChes is pure and have no 'devlish' or evil intention :) Ok, I'm no good in logo design so I'll accept any good replacement for the current 'hell logo'.