Sunday, June 26, 2005

GilaChess vs Acoona

Posted by Andrew Ooi
With the interest generated from the 'Kasim' vs Acoona toolbar match I decided to visit the Acoona website to find out what exactly was this 'toolbar'. First thing I noticed was it's a add-on to your browser. Meaning you have to download an EXE file and install it first. One thing is that I am a FireFox user and this toolbar is supposed to be used only with Microsoft Internet Explorer. No worries, even though I don't use IE anymore, it's still in my system. After installing it, here's how the toolbar looks like. I clicked on the link to play against the 'AI' chess computer. Image hosted by Since some people said the engine was weak, I chose the highest settings 'Hard' to get some challenge. As a patzer I was expecting to get beaten but to my surprise I won without much difficulty. Image hosted by He he.. So I guess the chess engine was really weak if even I can beat it. :) Of course this is not the same engine as what 'Kasim' is playing against. That's a Fritz 9 prototype and I have never been able to beat Fritz 6,7 or 8 for that matter. Anyway, it's a pity there's no scores for the game as I sac one piece to open up the King's position to give checkmate.


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