Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why I am at GACC

Posted by GilaChess
GilaChess is roughly 20 years now having started as "Chess Nut" running on free Snap Hosting (days of Geocities) and later switched to GilaChess.com. GACC was always blogged about on and off because GACC (started in 1996) predates GilaChess.

The biggest lost to me was GilaChess.com website which also meant blogs about GACC was lost. That's a big waste. At it's peak the core event - GACC Inter-Varsity attracted really strong Russian GMs. Even GM Wang Hao took part in GACC in one year!

For me it's all about the record. The "history".

So for 2019 at least there is some history and captured on the website for GACC so that something is preserved. I'll probably mirror all the contents to BlopSpot too because it seems quite resilient. This blog is a testament to that.

So it's nothing altruistic at all.  I just want to capture a bit of history..

GACC.TV website