Thursday, January 24, 2019

January GilaChess Award

Posted by GilaChess
This month's absolute crazy award for chess (GilaChess) goes to Lim Zhuo Ren for simultaneously taking part in 3 events from the 2019 Gibraltar tourney!

Below are the 3 events Zhuo Ren is taking part in:-
The timing of the events are:
1) Master (10 rounds)
22nd jan - 31st Jan Afternoon session

2) Challenger A (5 rounds)
21st jan - 25th Jan Morning session

3) Challengers B (5 rounds)
26th Jan - 30th Jan for  Morning session

Note: Challenger B only takes place after Challenger A is over. So officially Lim Zhuo Ren is only playing 2 games per day over 10 days.

His friends, Teh Wee Zhun and Fong Mi Yen are also there doing the Gibraltar "simul" but they are "only" doing 2 events so Zhuo Ren takes the January GilaChess award :)

Personally I am sure many other chess friends share the concern that the 3 Malaysians may be exhausting themselves but I trust that the timing of the events gives them space to play 3 events at the same time and they have thought it out thoroughly.

Regardless, I wish them best of luck and Malaysians will be rooting for all 3 players!

The GilaChess award is not just given to make fun. 
It is an arbritary award given to individuals who shows incredible passion for the game.