Sunday, May 04, 2014

It's over

I have never  helped out as arbiter in any chess event except during my school days when I was club president. But for the first time, I did so for Selangor Open only because I didn't expect it to be an arbitering task when I accepted it thinking "result arbiter" is just the person taking in the score sheets and recording the result.

Anyway, thankfully nothing went wrong and there was no controversial dispute to settle throughout the duration of the tournament. A smoothly run event but it was tiring and I am glad it is over as I will take a long break from chess. Congratulations to the organisers for making the 41st Selangor Open yet another successfully run tournament.

One thing I liked was the turn out for the closing ceremony. Unlike the last few tournaments I attended where participants and parents rushed home and skipped the closing/prize giving ceremony, the Selangor Open closing ceremony was quite ok. All the prize winners were there. No "representative" to come out because someone had to rush home which is so common in local tournament nowadays.



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