Sunday, June 01, 2014

DGT chess board is here!

Well actually it was here for almost a month. I just didn't get around to testing it properly.

I wasn't too worried if it worked or not because just using it as a chess board alone is good. The wooden board and pieces look very nice.

It is a bluetooth DGT chessboard meaning there is minimal wires. Only one wire connecting the board to the chess clock when needed. Other than that it's pretty neat that there is no wires hanging all over the chess table.

I did try it the first day I got the board and it didn't work. The reason was I was using my Mac Book Air and I didn't install the full set of drivers from the CD.

Today I finally installed the drivers and it is shown here working together with Fritz 9 SE (given free with the board). Played a game vs Fritz with the moves announced via voice and it was a pretty smooth experience. I made my move and it registered in Fritz in the computer screen. Fritz then made it's move and announced it so I moved for it on the board.

 I lost of course :)

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Looks good!



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