Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 hours 46 minutes

Posted by GilaChess

That’s the travel time by car from KL to Kuala Kangsar according to

imageimageThat’s may be of interest to some as tomorrow is the 3rd Perak GP first leg at SMK Clifford K.Kangsar. Who in KL will be travelling there? More likely I think some might already be there a day early so as to stay fresh for the game. Others may just take the effort to drive their kids there to play on the day itself.

It’s a common one day tournament by KL standards but it is definitely not common in Perak where chess tournaments are very rare. Hopefully the exposure will be a good thing for Perakians. Gilocatur has indicated that he and his family will be playing IF they are not playing in the PERCAWI age group in Cochrane, KL.

Good luck to all taking part in either tournaments tomorrow. Those who are making the long journey, drive safely!!