Wednesday, April 16, 2008

USD 18K in one week

Posted by GilaChess

This kid just made USD 18,000 in a week. His name is Wesley So. He is a Phillipino. I had the opportunity to bump into he and his father when they were in Malaysia. His father speaks Hokkien by the way..

Anyway, this kid is only 14 years old and he already made that amount of money a few days ago.

How? I hear you ask. Yeah getting to that..

He is a professional chess player you see. He played in the Dubai Chess Open 2008 last week and tied for first place. He got USD 18,000 for his one week effort. All in all, he only had to play 9 games of chess.

Comparatively speaking, I think being a pro-chess player like this kid is more profitable then being a pro-blogger. His is a story of pure hard work and a little talent. Of course, not everybody can be as good has this kid.

Anyway, just wanted to highlight this to bloggers out there. If you have the talent, monetizing comes automatically. Even talent in playing a board game.