Wednesday, April 16, 2008

99 cents breakfast at Ikea

Posted by GilaChess

Toosuperheroes blog post on curry puffs from Ikea reminded me of the 99 cents breakfast I had at Ikea. I told them about it and I'm surprise they don't know about it.

For their benefit and also those who may not know, I'll repost it here again. It's the cheapest breakfast you can have.

For RM 0.99 you can have some Mee and sambal. The tea is free too before 10.30 am. The cost for the above 2 plates of Mee with 2 cups of refillable tea is  RM 2.08 plus tax.

Of course if you are late then you have to pay RM 3.00 per empty tea/coffee cup. (refillable of course).

What I like most about having breakfast there is that they also have Airzed Wifi. Also make sure you go there between 9-11 am. Earlier the better la...