Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Autoblog site getting traffic

Posted by GilaChess


Ok, it's not really a splog site. It's a "aggregator". Splog is such a nasty word :)

Anyway, my chess aggregator site is not as bad as a splog as:

  1. I have the permission of owners to aggregate their site
  2. Unlike Planet Malaysia, I do not post FULL article post from their RSS feeds. Only excerpts are shown. Planet Malaysia also claims to be an aggregator but they publish the full article from RSS they read.

Autoblog roll out !

(oops Autoblog not autobot :) )
It's a good result for an "autoblog" and I've even made some money on Adsense from it. What's more, I didn't even promote the site except to announce it once on my chess blog and once here on this blog. Also, it's a win-win situation as the not so established chess blogs get their posts highlighted and publicised on the aggregator. Sort of like Petaling Street dot org idea.