Wednesday, April 16, 2008

50 blogs and counting

Posted by GilaChess

I made a new year resolution this year in general to be more organised. One of the things I've done religously was to document all the new blogs that I've created. In the past there I created so many new blogs that I've forgotten their URLs.

Each one had Google Adsense on it so sometimes I received a spike but since no channel information was attached to those Adsense codes, I could not tell which blogs were generating those clicks. That was damn frustrating. I couldn't go back to those blogs and develope them further.

What a waste!

Anyway, I keep my new blogs created using a spreadsheet. Details such as Google PR, URL, Alexa rank, email used to create those blogs are recorded.

To date, I already have over 50 blogs created. It's all experimental though. Many were created because I liked the name.

Perhaps I should change my tag to "Andrew the GilaBlogger" :)