Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Big traffic spikes in MY rating so..

Posted by GilaChess
Was surprised to see a traffic spike coming from MY rating website. Since I promised to update the rest of the online local rating checking system (MY Rating) if there was any interest shown, I had to complete what I can and it's a jump from a total of 17 rating entries to 22 !!

A little time consuming because of the unexplained funny characters that goes into Excel and had to be cleaned up manually before it can be exported into MySQL database. That forced me to take some time writing some automated macros for the clean up which speeded the conversion process tremendously.

Another improvement is the change of graph. Previously it was using Flash so many handphones and tablets cannot see the rating graph. It is now replaced with a more "modern" HTML5 graph so it can be viewed with almost any device.

Anyway that's all done and you can check your own rating at:


There are still a few  missing entries because I only received PDF instead of the Excel file from our rating officer. Will email him later for the missing files.