Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My rating flat lined

Posted by GilaChess
Finally got around to updating the "MY Rating" page (MY =Malaysia) based on IA Lim Tse Pin latest published Excel sheets. Thanks to him for the latest update. He has been updating the list consistently whereas I was too lazy and my last update was last year October!

You can also check your rating at MCF website but I think they have not updated their list since last year too. I expect they will be updating it soon?

Anyway my rating seemed to have flatlined for about 3 years now - indicating that I have not been active in the local chess tournaments for that long. 3 years?? Really ? I guess it's accurate as the last tournament I can remember taking part in was the Malaysian Chess Festival Rapid 3 years ago.

Starcraft is the main reason I have been inactive in chess because I view Starcraft  superior to chess in every way. Also. it's also more fun to play :)

Starcraft too has a ranking/rating system as well as a titles like in chess. However, I would have lost both my rating as well as title (if I had any) if I was inactive for 3 years. For example if I had the title Grandmaster in Starcraft and did not participate in ranked tournament for 3 weeks, I would automatically lose my title!

Good thing our rating system is nothing like Starcraft's.

You can check out your own rating from

P/S: I know I have left out lots of other rating published by Lim Tse Pin because I am plain lazy. However, if I see an interest in people using the MYRATING page, I will get off my lazy butt and update the missing rating list too.