Sunday, August 07, 2016

Good riddance to

Posted by GilaChess
Yeah you heard me right. I hate

Of course,I have no problems with the association itself but their long domain name. From last year itself I adviced that they shorten their domain name to something easy to remember like and finally they actually did it.

So it is now 

Easier to type and remember right?

Of course the old domain is still there and working (both domain names go to the same website). I guess it's still there for official purpose and for those who love to type a lot. :)

Looking around the local websites, there is another long domain name I don't like. It's This is even worse because I often get it wrong and type It's compounded by the fact that DATCC is officially  spelled the british way with "centre".

I am waiting for DATCC to shorten their URL too. :)

So my advice to anyone starting a new website..