Friday, January 01, 2016

Well earned IM Norm

Posted by GilaChess

In a relatively strong field of 2 GMs and 6 IMs, Yeoh Li Tian performed exceptionally well to get a well earned IM norm from the recently concluded 3rd JAPFA ASEAN Championship in Indonesia.

Rk.NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts. TB1TB2TB3
1FMNguyen Anh Khoi 2368VIE*½½0½111½1½½7136.754
2GMDao Thien Hai 2477VIE½*½½½1½½½1½171363
3IMGarcia Jan Emmanuel 2410PHI½½*½½½½½1½117135.753
4FMYeoh Li Tian 2350MAS1½½*½10½½½0160.532.753
5IMBersamina Paulo 2366PHI½½½½*½½½½½½160.531.51
6Yoseph Theolifus Taher 2229INA00½0½*1½½11½5.5127.53
7IMAli Muhammad Lutfi 2400INA0½½1½0*½½½½15.5028.52
8GMMegaranto Susanto 2554INA0½½½½½½*½½½½50.5270
9IMNguyen Van Huy 2465VIE½½0½½½½½*0½150.526.251
10IMSean Winshand Cuhendi 2417INA00½½½0½½1*104.5124.252
11GMLaylo Darwin 2478PHI½½01½0½½½0*½4.5025.251
12IMWynn Zaw Htun 2414MYA½0000½0½01½*3015.51