Friday, January 08, 2016

Exabytes response

Posted by GilaChess

After how late and unprofessional how Exabytes responded on Facebook, they did call this morning (after 2 weeks!!).

But really? Just sorry after all these years? 

To be fair they not only apologised but offered to pass me GilaChess and Maribelajar website data, minus the pictures. That's amazing after one year of shutting down my websites.

Let's see if this is possible as I am waiting for their email. At least some pass chess results and article can be restored. Still, minus the pictures it's almost worthless. Many of my post are short picture posts. Imagine National Champion 2010 with the name but no picture.

Still it was better than nothing. For that I have to thank Exabytes.

If not for bad for publicity on social media my case will just be ignored and forgotten.
But to be fair to Exabytes, and besides just apologising, their representative did assure me that at present they don't tolerate inaction by their tech staff and their servers are at present clean. I cannot attest to that as I have not been their customer for a year.

So am I satisfied?

Of course not! The years of anguish and loss of income cannot be repaid just by sending me a backup text copy of my old website and an apology!

I did buy the domain as replacement but on the web, the 10+ years "footprint" was valuable and irreplaceable. Search engines give it prominence. In an ad marketing income world that has lots of value. That is why the domain squatters are asking USD 1800+ and USD 2000+ respectively for and respectively.

Even if Exabytes graciously spent the money and got me back my domain names, can that make it up for all the losses? The loss of revenue over the years is substantial.

That is why over the phone when Exabyte rep asked if there is anything else he can do for me , all I could do to answer the rep is hopelessly say "No. Nothing you can do now".

I would really like to sue for monetary compensation but according to one lawyer, webhosting companies are very comprehensively protected from loss of data in their agreement clause when you sign up with them. Incompetence/negligence causing loss in revenue is a harder case to prove. But what I can do is to be active and warn everyone via social media, blogs, face to face meet about this company.

The step to get in touch with an ex-customer to try to appease him was a good one but  it's a little too late after so much damage. Also it does not help that Mr Chan (who is now CEO) feels this thing is below him and his minion is charged to settle this minor problem.

P/S: responding via phone call was also smart as that would avoid more publicity if they had responded by replying electronically via facebook, email etc. Sorry, Peter Lim (Exabytes Call Centre Manager). Your forte is soft skills on the phone with customers but what is needed is probably who has authority who can take more active measures.