Sunday, June 08, 2014

Live Broadcast DGT Chess Board test

Posted by Andrew Ooi
One disappointment with the DGT Chessboard is the problem broadcasting using the common software known as "LiveChess". An example of how it looks like on a web page is like below (taken from live broadcast).

The Bluetooth version of the DGT chess board simply won't work with LiveChess broadcasting software. :(

Not a great loss as there is a good alternative. Taking a cue from what Starcraft gamers are doing broadcasting their games online, I decided to do the same. They use a website that helps to "stream" live games online.

After some tinkering and a bit of hair pulling I finally got it working with my DGT chess board. Here's how it looks like:-

One thing I like is the fact that I can customise the screen to my heart's content. The chess pieces, board colors, size of board, windows are all customisable!

 It's possible to add camera view replacing  the empty black space above and add a video of two commentators for example or maybe just a chat box.

This is how it looks like embedded into this website:-

What is missing now is a live chess tournament where I can test a live chess broadcast. Oh well, the nearest one will be the coming Malaysian Chess Festival set on September 2014. Also not forgetting the Johor Open which I should be there too.