Monday, December 19, 2011


Posted by GilaChess
You know the horrible stories of waiters spitting on food of bad tippers. I have a suspicious feeling I am getting similiar treatment.

Almost as soon as a mentioned how bad the web hosting company Exabyte service is, and are down due to internal database error ("Error establishing Database connection" message)

I know it could be a coincidence but it's really something I hate. As mention before,I could complain to exabytes but as in numerous incidents their technical support will blame me for overusing their server resources. That's a little silly considering how low my traffic is for all my chess hosted websites. Also being a web programmer by profession, I rechecked all my plugins and scripts to make sure none of them could be overusing Exabytes server CPU resources.

I sincerely hope its really isa coincidence and my websites will be restored soon ( after some other customer complains and gets blamed for overusing the shared resources and the server is restarted)