Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exabyte loyal customer no more

Posted by GilaChess
RM 80 for reactivation fees!!

Blogging for chess is not cheap. Especially when I have to pay th RM 80 on to of the annual fees to maintain my website. That's just for chess-malaysia portal. renewal coming up in two weeks :(

It's my fault for being late but it was only two days. I have been a customer of Exabytes since 2000. That's more than 10 years of being a loyal customer of Exabyte. Well, I'm afraid this renewal will be the last as apparently Exabyte don't value long term customers.

I know it's customary to charge for late fees and all web hosting services do that. I chose Exabytes because they were local and service was good (in the beginning). Nowadays services is spotty and I keep getting stern warning that I'm overusing their CPU resources when I strongly believe I haven't.

P/S: Also notice I'm posting on Blogspot instead of my Exabyte hosted blog as I have confidence this post will stay up longer (without constant downtimes) than what I have in Exabyte.