Saturday, December 17, 2011

NJM - Is that even a title?

Posted by GilaChess
Someone asked me if NJM - National Junior Master is a recognised title.

I don't see that title listed in FIDEs website so I guess it's recognised only by MCF since it was created by them.

Even more recent is the newly minted Amateur Master (AM) title won by Ahmad Fadzil Nayan. FIDE doesn't recognise that title but since the Asian Chess Federation 'created' that title so it has some value I guess.

The purpose for these newly created titles is to give more value and prestige to the tournament that is held and also the winner of that title.

I also noticed that there is no cash prizes for junior events such as the National Juniors. So the prestige of the title NJM is important as well the right to represent the country in junior events. Entrance fees are RM 60 (FIDE rated) and RM 100 (unrated) for the coming National Juniors starting next Monday.

So to answer the question asked, yes NJM is a recognised title by the national federation.