Monday, July 18, 2005

GilaChess got Hacked

Posted by GilaChess
On Friday night 8.30pm a hacker replaced one of my heading file in GilaChess. Carelessness on my part for not checking all my files were protected. Anyway I was lucky that was as far as the hacker can go. He/she could only overwrite one file. I already made periodic backups of my website but restoring it took 3 days. Lesson learnt! One good thing that come out of it is GilaChess is now tougher and more security holes are removed. Of course I can't guarantee my website won't be hacked again but it will certainly be much harder for hackers now. This something like a chess game. If you lose a game and the experience is painful, you can often learn more from that lost game that a game you won brilliantly. The pain will etch in your memory and it will be lesson well learnt. I tried imitating the hackers 'trick' on some of the websites I've created for some clients and found the same holes (and then some) there too.