How many years before any women break into the top 10?

By GilaChess - May 04, 2024

 Asked ChatGPT 4.0 this question and it simply refused to give an answer. Not even a guess! So repeated modification of the prompt finally forced it to reply:

Predicting when a woman will break into the top 10 in world chess rankings involves many variables, including the progression of individual players, the development of the sport, and opportunities for women in chess. 

However, if we consider the current trajectory of young talented female players and the increasing support for women in chess, it’s plausible to estimate that within the next 5 to 10 years, we could see a woman entering the top 10 of the world chess rankings.

This estimate takes into account the growing number of initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting women in chess, which could accelerate the emergence of a top-10 female player. It’s an optimistic view, hoping for a continued positive trend in the representation and performance of women in the highest echelons of chess competition.

Just a note that Judit Polgar did break into the top 10 already in 2005 when she ranked no. 8 in the world !

The more accurate blog title should be "When will the next woman break into the world top 10 besides Judit Polgar" but it's just too long :)

So what do you think? Agree with ChatGPT's prediction?

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