Blogging is dead, long live YouTube

By GilaChess - May 10, 2024


Chess blogging is my hobby. It’s been my steadfast companion through the years, all the content of interest to me - documented in  my trusty gilachess blog.

You see, blogging is more than just a pastime; it’s a chronicle of thought, a canvas for the written word where strategy and stories unfold like a well-played endgame. It's my digital scrapbook!

Now,everyone with a 10 second attention span is on YouTube or worse Tik-Tok. It promises  a broader audience which is of course true.. And sure, I’ll venture into that world, share my love for chess with moving pictures and sounds. It’s a new frontier, but still a unnatural medium of expression for me.

But abandon blogging? Never. There’s a charm to the written word that video can’t capture.

So, I’ll straddle both worlds – the old and the new. I’ll embrace YouTube, but my blog will always be my castle, my fortress of solitude. 

I am a chess blogger and proud of it. The thought of calling myself a YouTuber makes me cringe no end!

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