Abandon Ship!

By GilaChess - May 10, 2024

All my chess websites sits on ONE webserver. Eg: Catur, GilaChess, MCF (Malaysian Chess Friends), and Chess Events.

Been plagued with malware attack since last year. It's so bad, the attack is from different fronts. There is also DDOS attacks from "zombied" PC from various countries. So it's both internal as well as external attacks.

Managed to fend off most of the internal attacks with Wordpress excellent plugin "WordFence". I was amazed there were thousands of compromised script files in my webserver. Cleaning them by deleting them them was totally satisfying.

However I can't control the DDOS attacks as this are from compromised machines from overseas. It was manageable as I employed banning those IPs that were doing the attack. But that list of banned IPs have been steadily growing and that solution also looks like it was not the good long time fix.

Permanent solution:

Moving all my websites out of this new webserver

Doing all the obvious steps like changing all passwords (server logins, ftp, Wordpress admin etc). As well as employing CloudFlare to mitigate the DDOS attack.

It's going to be a painful process as moving existing content is not as easy as it seems. Compounded by the fact that it's tedious to change DNS/IP pointing to the new webserver etc.


Despite the hardship, it has to be done and will probably take about one to two months to fully "abandon ship", wait at a stranded island (temporary content staging area), and wait for a new ship (Webserver) to be built and finally be sea worthy again. 

Not that I have a lot of loyal readers to my blog/websites, but I do have the few. Whoever you are, expect less content being published to blogs but this blog(blogspot.com) is unaffected and I will push all my content to here in the meantime.

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