Thursday, August 02, 2018

Almost "National" States Chess Championship

Posted by GilaChess

Forgive my ignorance as I only found out about this event last couple of days. But looking at the participation, I see only 6 states taking part. So it's a "not so" national event.

Reasons it is not well represented by other states may be the cost and distance. Another factor may very well be  the proximity to the coming Malaysian Chess Festival which many would have invested work leave to play in.

Still kudos to the organisers who must have already seen the possible poor reception they will face but still bravely proceeded to host the event. They even made arrangements for an 8 DGT board live broadcast despite only having 6 states taking part.

My  hope is future National States events will be at least represented by more than half the Malaysian states.

I did get some salty comments after my previous post suggesting the State affiliates had no funds or the prize monies was not enough to send players during the National States in Pahang but as even then Sabah had sent their players despite the cost and distance.

P/S: I applaud efforts in the past like the Pahang state host which offered to waive entrance fee to the poorer state affiliates.