Monday, July 30, 2018

2 day tourney with RM 6000 first prize

Posted by GilaChess

This has always flown under the radar for me primarily because it's in Sabah which strangely otally feels like another country to me. But today, I took a look at the tournament details and was surprised how big the prize fund was. USD 1500 for first prize!

Also suprising is the format - 25 mins + 10 second increment which makes it a quick 2 day tournament. Well probably not so surprising seeing how crazy Malaysians are about rapids (GilaRapid!).

With this kind of prize fund the question on most chess player's mind is why not make the tournament longer. Especially since it's Sabah and it should be a good tourist spot, Well I guess if it's a formula that works and organisers like it then who wants to mess up a good thing :). In addition, even though it has short time controls, the tournament gives free entry to GM, IM and WGM as well as free accomodation. (a good thing too as then accommodation fees is minimised with only 2 days!)

Wish I had a chance to witness how this tourney is run and the chess personalities it will attract. Should be interesting to blog about. Maybe next year..