Thursday, July 27, 2017

Things to learn from Spiderman Homecoming

Posted by GilaChess

The show was definitely entertaining and I think is the best of all the Spiderman movie iterations. Particularly for that one lesson it brings. I was particularly surprised how high tech they made Spiderman suit and of course, it was natural the Spidey grew rather too dependant on it.

It's like chess player's over reliance on databases, engines and ratings to make them feel confident in a competition.

For me, my weakness was the fear of getting into an official rated FIDE game or online rated game. At least not until I improved my game to a decent level. This procrastinating and lack of self confidence behaviour even stopped me from joining rated games in Starcraft for fear I don't get a decent starting ranking/rating (not until I improved my game a little). Of course I know this becomes a perpetual cycle of excuse for inaction.

I liked how Spidey learnt the hard way and quickly relied on the little that he has to make the best of things. The finale shows him fighting without his high tech suit.

Work with what little you have, recognize your strengths and make the most out of it.

Overall I give this movie an 8/10.

So how did you find the movie?